Looking Back at Blackjack History

As with most card games, Blackjack most likely originated in Europe, but the difference is that it only exploded in popularity when it was taken up in the United States. With the Internet, the game has gone global.

To determine Blackjack history, most researchers usually look at any card game whose title has the number 21 in it. With this as basis, the consensus formed is that the game originated in France via a game called Ving et Un (roughly translated as 21). The exact mechanics is still in dispute but the general idea seems to be to get to that number.

Whatever the case may be, the turning point in Blackjack history is that following the French Revolution, the game was imported to America, which would prove vital. During the 1800s, the game became extremely popular in the eastern part of the US, and spread to the west rapidly. The reason was twofold; first, there was little in the way of regulation, and second, gamblers quickly realized that it was a card game where their skill would actually come into play.

While the crackdown on casinos in the late 1800s stalled the momentum, it was only temporary, as the emergence of Las Vegas reinvigorated Blackjack. In several gambling establishments, several methods were used to attract new players to the game, including large payouts.

By the Roaring Twenties, Blackjack had become so popular that casinos began setting up tables dedicated solely for the game. The popularity of the game continued even when the Great Depression hit, and revenues actually helped the city stem the tide and kept people employed.

After World War II, and well into the fifties, Blackjack in America was considered the number one attraction in casinos. Even with the appearance of numerous games, including video Poker and slots, the game never lost its appeal, and to this day continues to be sought after, both by long time players and casual tourists.

The next important milestone in Blackjack history was the rise of tournaments, and of course, online gambling. Now players were no longer limited to going to casinos to play big money card games; through online tourneys they could qualify for the big events. Through television they could watch the pros take on each other. The history of Blackjack continues to be revised, as new variants and innovations appear, and technology providing the means for reaching out to other players all across the world.