Ken Eineger - Winner of the 2005 Blackjack World Championship

Ken Einiger, was born in 1950 in his hometown Brooklyn, New York. He won the 2005 Blackjack World Championship. When he was ten years old, his family transferred to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and settled there for almost 33 years. Throughout those years, Ken owned and at the same time managed several companies. He also started his blackjack career and met Kimberly who became his wife.

In 1991, he placed fifth in a blackjack event hosted by Riviera Casino in early December. Soon in 2001, he finally runs away with the top prize in a blackjack tourney sponsored by Mandalay Bay.

Ken further developed his blackjack play skills and constantly setting his mind on how to be a better blackjack player. So, in 2003, Ken and his wife Kimberly decided to settle in Las Vegas and pursue his blackjack career.

By the year 2004, equipped with the necessary skills, Ken reached five of seven final tables he participated in and rewarded with some wins that's worth $50,000 in that year alone. In the '04 to '05 blackjack season, Ken was so busy playing in tournaments that he won four of the seven final tables he was involved with.

The World Series of Blackjack

Ken reached the pinnacle of his career when he won the blackjack World Championship in 2005. This event is an invitational event held every year which featured the world's top 40 blackjack players. These players competed in the $500,000 total prize money where the winner received $250,000.

The final table in that tournament showed Ken against Stanford Wong, Kami Lis and Rick Jansen battling it out for the top prize. The final was extended to 28 punishing rounds and the winner was only decided on the last hand. Ken wagers the maximum $50,000 and received an eight and an ace.

Kami (his nearest competitor) held a hard 14 with the card dealer holding a 5. Ken's no more than needed to double down to win and wish that Lis would simply bust after doubling down. But Kami opted to stand, and Ken's only chance for a win is for the house to obtain a high card in two consecutive tries and be busted.

The card dealer turned over a 9 to raise his total to 14, then he drew another card but this time he got a 10. The house was 3 over 21 and busted allowing Ken to capture the title with a slim $9,000 margin.

Ever since capturing the World Series, Ken had published a book Play to Win. This popular book featured various schedules of big blackjack tournament; giving some introduction to the venues, sharing tips about profit odds, helping prospective players in their admission requirements and at times helps the tournament as well as the players gain some television exposure.

All through his blackjack career that spanned for 15 years, Ken garnered 6 key tournaments and reached more than 20 final tables.