How to Play Live Blackjack

Tired of playing against computer avatars when you play online blackjack? Up your internet casino gambling experience and play with real human dealers online--- play live blackjack!

When you play live blackjack, you actually face a human dealer who shuffles (or removes a deck of cards from an automatic shuffler) and deals cards.

To play live blackjack, sign up with a casino and make your first deposit. Though there are live casinos that require downloading of game software, there are also many casinos that offer no-download live blackjack games.

When you play live blackjack, one side of your computer screen will display a video screen showing the dealer. In front of the dealer are player's seats. In some casinos, you will register a game name and that name will be displayed on the seat assigned to you when you play live blackjack.

Other than a video screen, you will also find a chat box which allows you to interact with the dealer and other live casino players.

You will also find bet buttons or tab. You will find Stand, Hit, Double, Split, and Insurance buttons and also simulation of chips of varied denominations. There are also bet tabs like Repeat bet and Confirm bet. You will also find on your computer screen your current balance, bet limit, and the dealer's name.

Before the dealing of cards, you have to place your bet. Click on the chips until you have reached the total amount you want to wager. Make sure that your wager does not exceed the maximum bet nor falls short of the minimum bet. You also have to place your bets before the dealer announces "No more bets!"

When the cards are dealt, a scanner reads the cards. Though what appears on your computer screen is a simulation of the dealt cards, you have to remember that real cards have been dealt to you. When you play live blackjack, therefore, it is not the computer or the casinos random number generator that deals your card.

The players' cards will be dealt face up. The dealer will have one face up card, and one facedown card. You then relay whether you want to Stand, Hit, Double, or Split by pressing the button indicating your choice.

There's no end to excitement and fun when you play live blackjack. For when you play live blackjack, it's the hand of the real dealer you're trying to beat. Now that's something you can't have when you play internet simulation blackjack.